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MARZO 2017
Novedades en cartas y publicaciones
Estimado cliente,
Nos complace anunciarle las novedades de Marzo en nuestro catálogo de productos.
Si desea obtener mayor información al respecto puede comunicarse a los teléfonos (229) 932 8547/ 932 3239 o enviar un correo a y nos pondremos en contacto para atender su solicitud.
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Nuevas ediciones Enero-Marzo 2017. Disponibles en POD.
31 Harbours on the South Coast of Cornwall Plans 02/02/2017
114 Canal Gent Terneuzen Plans 19/01/2017
116 Approaches to Westerschelde 30000 19/01/2017
120 Westerschelde Vlissingen-Oost to Nauw van Bath 30000 19/01/2017
147 Plans on the South Coast of Cornwall Plans 09/02/2017
148 Dodman Point to Looe Bay 30000 09/02/2017
347 Huangpu to Guangzhou Shi 25000 05/01/2017
354 Port of Genova West Part 10000 05/01/2017
355 Port of Genova East Part 10000 05/01/2017
356 Approaches to Genova 30000 05/01/2017
442 Lizard Point to Berry Head 150000 02/02/2017
495 Porto do Acu 25000 19/01/2017
496 Approaches to Porto do Acu 75000 19/01/2017
510 Puerto Maritimo de Guayaquil 12500 02/02/2017
511 Entrance to Rio Guayas including Canal de Cascajal 25000 02/02/2017
547 Porto de Itajai 15000 26/01/2017
596 Southern Martinique to Saint Vincent 175000 02/02/2017
657 Ponta da Cafumbila to Matadi 50000 16/02/2017
859 Approaches to Mohammadia 10000 19/01/2017
976 Approaches to Pitea 50000 26/01/2017
1121 Irish Sea with Saint George's Channel and North Channel 500000 09/02/2017
1123 Western Approaches to Saint George's Channel and Bristol Channel 500000 09/02/2017
1135 Pitea 20000 26/01/2017
1277 Punta Canoas to Isla Fuerte 200000 26/01/2017
1278 Isla Fuerte to Cabo Tiburon including Golfo de Uraba 200000 02/02/2017
1299 Luanjiakou Gangqu and Approaches 25000 19/01/2017
1330 Rio Parana Sheet 8 35000 09/02/2017
1461 Gulf of Trieste and Approaches 100000 02/02/2017
1480 Porto Marghera and Porto di Chioggia Plans 02/02/2017
1493 Porto di Monfalcone and Approaches 25000 02/02/2017
288 Slatteroy to Mongstad Including Offshore Oil Fields 200000 09/03/2017
343 Zhujiang Kou 75000 02/03/2017
436 Canal de Sao Sebastiao 40000 02/03/2017
728 Rosyth 5000 09/03/2017
958 Bornholmsgat 100000 02/03/2017
1206 Bohai Haixia 150000 09/03/2017
1271 Daesan Hang, Pyeongtaek - Dangjin Hang and Incheon New Port Plans 02/03/2017
1618 Candarli Korfezi and Approaches 50000 02/03/2017
1971 Cardigan Bay Northern Part 75000 09/03/2017
2581 Southern Approaches to Scapa Flow 26000 02/03/2017
2625 Approaches to Portsmouth 7500 02/03/2017
2886 Jazireh-ye Lavan and Jazirat Das to Ra's Tannurah 350000 02/03/2017
2887 Dubai (Dubayy) and Jazireh-ye Qeshm to Jazirat Halul 350000 02/03/2017
3179 Jazirat Das to Ar Ruways 125000 09/03/2017
3264 Hambantota and Approaches 30000 09/03/2017
3413 Oil and Gas Terminals in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates Plans 02/03/2017
3632 The Ems - Dukegat to Pogum 25000 02/03/2017
3780 Approaches to Jabal Az Zannah and Ar Ruways 35000 09/03/2017
3946 Pelabuhan Klang to Melaka 200000 09/03/2017
3947 Melaka to Singapore Strait 200000 09/03/2017
3972 Rio Doce to Cabo de Sao Tome 300000 02/03/2017
3973 Ponta Corumbau to Rio Doce 300000 02/03/2017
3974 Ilheus to Ponta Corumbau 300000 02/03/2017
4030 West Jurong Anchorages and Temasek Fairway 10000 02/03/2017
4031 Western Approaches to Jurong Island 10000 02/03/2017
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Cartas actualizadas que se integran al Catalogo 2017.
S. M. 421.5 MISMALOYA, JAL. 1:3,000 1ra. Ed. SEPTIEMBRE 2015
S. M. 421.6 BOCA DE TOMATLAN, JAL. 1:3,000 1ra. Ed. SEPTIEMBRE 2015
S. M. 421.7 YELAPA, JAL. 1:3,000 1ra. Ed. JULIO 2015
S. M. 423.2 BAHIA TENACATITA, JAL. 1:15,000 1ra. Ed. ENERO 2016
S. M. 423.4 BAHIA CHAMELA, JAL. 1:7,500 1ra. Ed. JUNIO 2015
S. M. 423.5 EL PARAÍSO, JAL. 1:3,000 1ra. Ed. SEPTIEMBRE 2016
S. M. 523.5 ISLA LA ROQUETA 1:5,000 1ra. Ed. ABRIL 2006
S. M. 831.9 BARRA DE TONALA, VER. 1:5,000 1ra. ed. SEPTIEMBRE 2015/CORREG. HASTA A.M. SEP. 2016
S. M. 933.3A CANAL DE ZARAGOZA, Q. ROO. 1:15,000 1ra. Ed. JUNIO 2014
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Nuevas ediciones IMO, ITU, ADMIRALTY, SEMAR
Life-Saving Appliances inc. LSA Code, 2017 Edition
This publication contains the three most important IMO instruments dealing with life-saving appliances, namely the International Life- Saving Appliance (LSA) Code, the Revised Recommendation on Testing of Life-Saving Appliances and the Code of Practice for Evaluation, Testing and Acceptance of Prototype Novel Life-Saving Appliances.
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IMSBC Code and Supplement (inc Amdt 03-15), 2016 Spanish Edition
The IMSBC Code entered into force on 1 January 2011, from which date it was made mandatory under the provisions of the SOLAS Convention. The Code was amended by resolution MSC.318(89), incorporating amendment 01-11, by resolution MSC.354(92), incorporating amendment 02-13, and most recently by resolution MSC.393(95), incorporating amendment 03-15, which may be applied from 1 January 2016 on a voluntary basis, anticipating its envisaged official entry into force on 1 January 2017.
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List of Ship Stations and Maritime Mobile Service Identity Assignments 2017
A compilation of amendments to the ITU ship stations database since the latest edition of the List of Ship Stations and Maritime Mobile Service Identity Assignments.
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Nautical Almanac 2017 Commercial Edition
Las primeras tres secciones de este libro son un duplicado preciso y completo de The Nautical Almanac producido por The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office y The Nautical Almanac Office por The US Naval Observatory.
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Guide to Port Entry 2017-2018
Complete port overview with over 83 port information sections at their disposal, including, pre-arrival information, details of the documentation required by the port, maximum size of vessel permissible and cargo facilities, as well as Reports of Actual Conditions Experienced by other seafarers visiting that port.
Included within this edition is access to the latest port information updates via unique port QR codes, which can be scanned using a smartphone or tablet.
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Tablas de Predicción de Mareas - Océano Pacífico2017
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GC Code, 2016 Spanish Edition
The purpose of this Code is to provide an international standard for the safe carriage, by sea in bulk, of liquefied gases and certain other substances that are listed in chapter 19.
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IMDG Code, 2016 Spanish Edition Amendment 38-16 (2 volumes)
Amendment 38-16 includes revisions to various sections of the Code and to transport requirements for specific substances. It was adopted by IMO's Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) at its ninety-sixth session in May 2016.
Amendment 38-16 of the Code is mandatory as from 1 January 2018 but may be applied by Administrations in whole or in part on a voluntary basis from 1 January 2017.
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Manual for Use by the Maritime Mobile and Maritime Mobile-Satellite Services (Maritime Manual)
The Manual for Use by the Maritime Mobile and Maritime Mobile-Satellite Services is published in accordance with Article 20 (No. 20.14) of the Radio Regulations and results from studies carried out in the ITU-R since 2008. Volume 1 provides descriptive text of the organization and operation of the GMDSS and other maritime operational procedures, while Volume 2 contains the extracts of the regulatory texts associated with maritime operations.
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Liquefied Gas Tankers (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)
This new tanker record book for approved on board training is written by the MNTB and approved by the MCA. It is for use by seafarers requiring an endorsement or certificate of proficiency for advanced training in liquified gas (LPG) tanker cargo operations. It covers the approved onboard training and provides the required evidence of a sea service. The regulatory sea service requirement is reduced from three months to one month for seafarers serving a supernumerary capacity.
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Mariner's Diary 2017

Days of the week, Sea log pages, Addresses, MET office information, Country information 2017, Celestial navigation explained, Use of the concise sight reduction tables of the nautical almanac, Bridge notes, Celestial navigation, Sailings formulae, Useful formaulae,  Conversion factors, Bridge equipment required, The use and care of a sextant, The use and care of an azimuth mirror, Magentic compass and Worked examples.

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IAMSAR Manual - Volumen II, 2016 Spanish Edition
The Mission Co-ordination (volume II) assists personnel who plan and co-ordinate SAR operations and exercises.
The 2016 edition incorporates amendments adopted by ICAO and approved by the IMO Maritime Safety Committee. The 2015 amendments enter into force on 1 July 2016.
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Port Reception Facilities - How to do it, 2016 Edition
This Manual provides practical information to Governments and competent (port) authorities, in particular those in developing countries, as well as the shipping industry, agencies and waste contractors seeking guidance when implementing MARPOL.
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Radio Regulations
The Radio Regulations, Edition of 2012, contains the complete texts of the Radio Regulations as adopted by the World Radiocommunication Conference (Geneva, 1995) (WRC-95) subsequently revised and approved by the World Radiocommunication Conference (Geneva, 1997) (WRC-97), the World Radiocommunication Conference (Istanbul, 2000) (WRC-2000), the World Radiocommunication Conference (Geneva, 2003) (WRC-03), the World Radiocommunication Conference (Geneva, 2007) (WRC-07) and the World Radiocommunication Conference (Geneva, 2012) (WRC-12), including all Appendices, Resolutions, Recommendations and ITU-R Recommendations incorporated by reference.

INTERTANKO Commentary on BP VOY 5
INTERTANKO’s Commentary on BP VOY 5 is a key reference for owners, charterers, brokers, masters, crew and shore personnel on this, the first full scale revision by BP since the introduction of BP VOY 4 in 1998. Split into seven appendices, the Commentary identifies the differences and additions to BP VOY 5 since the update, as well as providing advice on the practical and legal requirements of the form.
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Tablas de Predicción de Mareas - Golfo de México y Mar Caribe 2017
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Calendario Gráfico de Predicción de Mareas - Golfo de México y Mar Caribe 2017
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